25.03.2019Fifteen New TGM TAL Talson Trailers for Modexpress

Modexpress, a highly specialised logistics service provider for the fashion and lifestyle industries, recently bought 15 new Talson trailers, TGM TAL, that is especially designed for garment transportation. This isn't the first time that Modexpress has done business with Talson. 'We have high-quality products that need to be transported in special, robust trailers,' says Joep Uijen from Modexpress.

'Our success depends on the agreements we make with customers and also the extent to which we are able to honour them,' says Uijen. Modexpress, as we know it now, has evolved from an older company that spent much of its time transporting semi-finished products between Western and Eastern Europe. Today, Modexpress focuses mainly on the transportation of products for customers throughout most of Western Europe. It prides itself on its efforts to maintain long-term relationships, 'with customers and suppliers alike'.

Proven quality

'Talson has been a supplier of ours for many years, dating back to the time when we were still driving to and from Eastern Europe a lot. The roads were awful, but the trailers were strong enough to take the strain. Our oldest Talson dates back to 1996, making it 22 years old. So there's no need for Talson to prove itself to us. We expect the most recent trailers to last a minimum of 15 years.' Joep Uijen has his trailers serviced 'just around the corner', by a partner that Modexpress has been working with for many years. 'This keeps our trailers on the road and guarantees that they are always in the very best condition. This is vital – for ourselves, for the end product and for our customers too, of course.'

Versatile trailer

The new Talson trailers of Modexpress are fitted with the Talfix system for hanging garments. "An ideal system which nearly everyone in the world of fashion logistics uses", Johan Verdonschot of Talson says. "The trailer is also suitable for mounting a second loading floor. The walls of the trailers are sufficiently robust to carry a second floor with a load of up to ten tons. Furthermore, Talson offers an aircargo variant of this trailer."

Customised solutions

Modexpress offers its customers a whole range of services. This includes the customised transportation of fashion and lifestyle products, and management of the entire logistics process too, if required. 'We are pleased to handle the entire supply chain for customers, enabling us to meet their logistical requirements without delay and provide any temporary storage needed. We are very aware of the quality requirements that our customers have throughout the process too. Because of this, we have a number of storage locations – which ensures that we are able to provide customers with the fast service they deserve.'


'We are moving with the times and responding to the latest trends. One of these trends is e-commerce', Uijen says. 'We are proud to say that customers can now rely on us to provide them with all of the logistics services associated with their webshop sales, including returns. When a new collection is launched, our flexibility means that customers can rest assured that it is available exactly at the right time. Our clothing is made-to-measure and our services are too.'

Features of TGM TAL

-Talson TGM TAL is especially designed for garment transportation.

-TGM TAL is equipped with aluminum panel technology.

-TGM TAL is equipped with Talfix Panels that enables multi-functional usage of the vehicle to increase profitability.

-TGM TAL provides light weight structure.

-Designed with light weight, TGM TAL offers more payload.

-Equipped with the latest technology, TGM TAL offers long life cycle.  

-TGM TAL offers easy maintenance.

-TGM TAL’s 5th wheel height is 1.150 mm.