15.09.2021Talson Delivers 5 TGG Mega Trailers To Nico Mooij

"With a standard trailer I transport a maximum of 33 euro pallets, with this Talson I can 66 euro pallets (or 52 block pallets) at a time. That means that my cost price per transported pallet is almost half. We are having a lot of success in the market with this."

Nico Mooij of Mooij Forwarding & Logistics from Milsbeek has using Talson since 2013 and is enthusiastic about the five Talson TGG MEGA trailers that he has recently taken into use. The trailers have an internal height of 2970 mm over the entire length and are equipped with the Talfix system: 3 mm thick plates of anodized aluminum with suspension holes over the entire height and length, on both side walls.

With the aid of extendable beams, Mooij creates a second loading floor in a few minutes at any desired height and for any size of goods. The beams weigh approx. 9 kg and are easy to handle. When not in use, they can be 'parked' safely and compactly at the headboard. The beams are also suitable for load securing. Loading and unloading are done with a stacker.

The patented Talfix system was developed in the 1980s as a suspension system for hanging-confection transportation. Multi-functional, patented Talfix system with 10.000 holes enables the combine carriage-loading models in one trailer. With continuous development, Talfix system offers double decking compatible with universal beams in the market, garment hanging and extra load security. This feature enables multi functional usage of the vehicle to increase operational efficiency.

The Talson TGG MEGA has a self-supporting aluminum body. An extremely strong construction where the chassis is missing and the floor is integrated with support frames for kingpin, support legs and rear axles. The vehicle is air suspended and has nine-ton BPW axles fitted with 19.5-inch rims and tires in size 445/50 R19.5.

Mooij has been a Talson customer for eight years and is very satisfied with the quality. "We use this double-load floor concept in our European transport network. We transport all kinds of volume goods, from cans to hospital beds and pallets with, among other things, automotive products. Pallets with euro format or other formats. The Talfix system makes it all. "

Features and Technical data

-Talson TGG MEGA is manufactured by using a special aluminum design.

-The vehicle guarantees a longer lifetime while its modular design guarantees less waste during repair and maintenance.

- Self-supporting aluminum body. Gooseneck frame with kingpin and support legs on the front. Support frame with three rigid BPW axles (9 tons) at the rear. 19,5 inch wheels.

- Fifth wheel height 950 mm.

- Flat loading floor. Internal height 2970 mm, loading length 13600 mm.

- Equipped with Talfix sidewalls with hook-in holes over the full height and length.

- Code XL loading certificate

- 2 x 13 lashing rings in the floor for extra securing possibilities

- Gross vehicle weight 39000 kg, of which 27000 kg on the axles and 12000 kg on the fifth wheel.

- Tare weight 7990 kg.

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