10.01.2018Talson’s Innovative and Box Trailer Solutions

Talson provides state of the art aluminum trailer boxes in 6 segments – respectively air cargo, cooler, solutioner, distri, intermodal and specials.

In Air Cargo Segment, there are 3 models. TAM TAL, TAG TAL and TAG ISO trailers are engineered to outperform while loading on the tarmac with fast loading/ unloading roller beds that go down when driving for maximum load security and can carry up to 4 ULDs.

The Cooler Segment embodies Talson’ FNA certified vehicles for perishable good transportation, TGG FNA and TAG FNA. Addition to perishable good transportation, TAG FNA is suitable for flower transportation as well. Talson’s TGG FNA vehicle is equipped with patented, multi-functional Talfix system and  offers high-end flexibility. 

The Solutioner Segment consists of 2 models. Talson’s multifunctional box TGG TAL and TGM TAL vehicles are suitable for the transportation of garments, boxes, valuables, fragile goods and musical instruments. This vehicles have patented, multi-functional Talfix system with more than 10.000 holes on side panels. Extra locks on the doors keeps those valuable goods safe. This vehicle is equipped with double-deck option, 26 lashing rings and pallet stoppers as well.

Talson’s inner city logistics box solutions in the Distri Segment, TGF STD and TGF TAL deliver cargos right to the doorstep of the end user. They are designed with mechanical steering axles, which makes it easier to make tight turns, navigate non-high way turf. They can also be equipped with a tail lift to allow easy loading and unloading.

In accordance with intermodal transportation, the intermodal segment offered with one model, TTG TAL. TTG TAL is equipped with four grappler pockets so that the trailer can be hoisted easily for loading. It can be loaded on a train for more efficient and uninterrupted transport. Addition to that, trains are never stuck in traffic and their carbon footprint is much smaller. Thanks to its patented Talfix panels with more than 10.000 holes it enables you to double deck and hang garments.

The last segment, Specials is designed for special needs. For example, Talson’s TCM TAL engineered for carpet transport. TCM TAL is equipped with special carpet cradle and front and rear doors for double sided loading. This vehicle is lighter with its aluminium panels and equippedwith extra carpet cradle on the inside. The trailer is enhanced with patented Talfix panels on the inside for more fixing options.

As leading box manufacturer, Talson will continue to offer qualitative, innovative and high-technology products to its customers in the coming years.