13.05.2019Talson will be at transport logistic 2019 fair

 One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson will participate in transport logistic 2019 fair, taking place between 4-7 June, in Munich, Germany to present a unique example from its highest-quality products.

Innovation for Quality and Sustainability

Since 1982, Talson is the pioneer in the trailer production business. With a history going back for more than 35 years, Talson has always contributed to an era of innovation.

At the beginning of its heritage, Talson redesigned semi-trailers based on the idea that strong, lightweight designs of the fuselage can be applied to trailers as well. As a result of this approach, the best design would be an aluminum self-supporting construction enabling a half lightweight chassis. Since then, Talson continuously upgrades its self-supporting aluminum products to provide operational efficiency and contribute to the environment.

Talson is the Winner of Trailer Innovation 2019 with Secure Box

As a result of the innovative approach adressiing the current challenges of the industry, Talson has taken the 3rd place at Trailer Innovation 2019 “Concept” category with its innovation, Talson Secure Box.

Talson’s Secure Box concept realized enhancement and special modifications on the self-supporting aluminum upper body structure and can be integrated with all makes of electronic door and lock systems to provide the most secure box type trailer according to TAPA regulations. Additionally, Secure Box is engineered to prevent valuable cargo theft. According to versatile customer needs, intermodal, FNA cooler and air cargo vehicles are offered with high secure technology.

Talson’s Brand-New Vehicle at HALL A6 | STAND 420

During transport logistic 2019 fair, Talson will be launching its brand-new solution for intermodal transport at HALL A6 | STAND 420.