09.06.2020Idealogistic Verhoeven expands with 10 Talson TGM Secure Box trailers

 ‘Greatest Care in Getting There', is the slogan that Idealogistic Verhoeven applies to its trailers. The company specializes in the transport of high value goods, which demand the utmost in terms of safety and reliability in all its aspects. This includes a trailer from the highest category, and that is Talson.

Idealogistic Verhoeven has a fleet of approximately 200 trailers, all of which are maintained and checked in-house, to ensure that the high-value  cargo reaches to the customers safely and on time. In addition, the company has more than one hundred towing units. Idealogistic Verhoeven has offices  in eight different European countries. The company  offers its services on the East-West tradelane of Central Europe. The head office is in the Netherlands, where Verhoeven is about to move to larger premises.

Ten new Talson vehicles

The delivery of ten new Talson TGM Secure Box trailers shows that Idealogistic Verhoeven is doing well. Operations Manager Louis Bardoel estimates that ninety percent of Verhoeven's trailer fleet consists of Talson trailers. "Talson offers the most robust, strong and reliable trailer. What counts for us is that thanks to the possibility of a double loading floor, we can take much more with us. This greatly benefits the efficiency of our work. Even when we work with a double loading floor, we never run into problems with permitted weights," says Bardoel. With Talson, Idealogistic Verhoeven has the experience that the trailers last a long time. "How long exactly can't be indicated, but ten to twelve years for sure". The trailers used by Idealogistic Verhoeven cover 130,000 to 230,000 kilometres a year, depending on whether they are single or double crews in the truck.


For ten years now Idealogistic has held the highest possible TAPA certificate and also holds the TSR- I  certificate as well as the FSR-A certificate for the buildings, where the company also does storage for its customers. "It is an ongoing reassurance for our customers when they receive confirmation from independent parties that their logistics service provider meets the highest achievable requirements, both at our storage facilities and on the road," says Bardoel. "Talson is for us an indispensable factor in our logistics operation. One we can always rely on."