05.11.2019Jan De Rijk Logistics Continues to Strengthen its Fleet with Talson

One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson has recently delivered 20 Air Cargo semi-trailer TAG TAL and 6 Air Cargo semi-trailer TAM TAL to Jan De Rijk Logistics B.V..

Jan de Rijk Logistics is a leading European logistics service provider and operates with a modern fleet of 1.000 vehicles and various specialized warehouses. The company provides air cargo road feeder services, intermodal solutions, international transport, contract logistics, Benelux and retail distribution, temperature-controlled transport, event logistics and forwarding.

During the delivery ceremony, Sjel Wijngaards, Board Member of Jan de Rijk Logistics, Johan Martens, Fleet Manager at Jan de Rijk Logistics, and Johan Verdonschot, Sales Manager of Talson, gave speeches about their partnership.

Mr. Sjel Wijngaards stated: “We have a strong partnership with Talson for 25 years. As Jan de Rijk Logistics, we have experienced the quality and robustness of Talson vehicles first-hand and made an investment in more than 230 Talson vehicles in the last 8 years. As a result of our satisfaction, we added 20 Air Cargo TAG TAL and 6 Air Cargo TAM TAL vehicles to our fleet for 2019.”

I’m sure that our long-term partnership will continue to grow and we will continue to bolster our fleet with Talson vehicles.”

Jan De Rijk Fleet Manager, Mr. Johan Martens added: “Talson vehicles are light and offer a wide range of loading options enabling us to better use the trailer capacity. The result is less fuel and less CO2. Talson helps us to deliver on more environmentally-friendly solutions.

Mr. Verdonschot said: “As Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer, we are offering high quality, innovative, reliable box range trailers for more than 35 years. As Talson, we are aware that for air freight, time is precious and being fast during operations is essential. Our state of the art TAG TAL and TAM TAL are produced to outperform during loading and unloading. To offer maximum load safety, roller beds go down during driving. Additionally, our Air Cargo trailers can carry up to 4 ULDs.

Manufactured by using a layered panel design of optimal grade aluminum and galvanized steel, TAG TAL, and TAM TAL provides security as standard. These functions can be enhanced with our Trailer Innovation Award winner Secure Box features for enhanced security.

Additionally, those vehicles are provided with multi-functional, patented Talfix system with 10.000 holes that enables the operator to combine carriage-loading models in one trailer.

Moreover, TAG TAL is equipped with concorde roof that ensures an maximum internal height of the trailer and Talson door that provides maximum strength at the rear and optimum load security and increases the durability of the trailer.

As Talson, we are determined to support Jan De Rijk Logistics during their operations in the coming period.”

Features of TAG TAL and TAM TAL

-TAG TAL and TAM TAL are especially designed for air cargo sector.

-TAG TAL and TAM TAL are equipped with rollerbeds with Auto Down function, that are integrated into the vehicle floors in order to facilitate speedy loading and unloading of loads.

-TAG TAL’s 5th wheel height is 950 mm, while TAM TAL’s 5th wheel height is 1.150 mm.

-TAG TAL and TAM TAL provides light weight structure.

-Both vehicles are equipped with Talfix Panels that enables multi-functional usage of the vehicle to increase profitability.

-TAG TAL and TAM TAL offers easy maintenance thanks to riveted aluminum side panels.