05.02.2020Talson is a fixed value for VSW Expeditie

VSW Expeditie has been focusing on the international transport of high-quality goods since the company's inception. Initially mainly pianos, but in the meantime, VSW has specialized in all value transport, especially that of furniture. In order to do this transport responsibly, VSW uses it’s fleet of Talson trailers extensively.

VSW Expeditie operates internationally and loads and unloads throughout Europe. Furniture transport covers all aspects, from a single ottoman to a complete load, anywhere in Europe. Director Maarten van der Struik says that his company also delivers and installs furniture at private addresses. "That is the added value we have to offer our customers. It goes without saying that we ensure safe and damage-free transport".

VSW Logistics has a high-quality trailer park in which Talson has played an important role for more than 25 years. The company has sixteen Talson trailers, on a fleet of 26. Recently, three more Talson trailers were added to the fleet. "There are various reasons to choose Talson again," says Van der Struik. "They are robust and therefore durable, our oldest Talson trailer dates from 1997, and the price-quality ratio is to our liking. We use the Talfix system for two reasons: This makes it relatively easy for us to assemble a second loading floor. This allows us to transport furniture more safely, with less chance of damage. But Talfix is also a solution for securing the load. It really can't go anywhere.

Swap Bodies

For many years VSW Expeditie has been using swap bodies from Talson. "We do this because it has proven to be useful when a driver comes to a town, and then disconnects the trailer. He then drives the truck to the customer, unloads there, comes back again and can then swap bodies to serve the next customers, without violating length and weight regulations in inner cities. Typical work for customers that we cannot approach with a trailer. Our work also includes unloading furniture at private homes where the system could work with swap bodies. That’s what the future has to show us", says Van der Struik. He is confident that Talson swap bodies will last as long as Talson trailers.