08.07.2022Talson Proudly Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary


One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson proudly celebrates its 40th year anniversary this year.

Talson was established by a university graduate of aviation technology, Mr. Ir. Kees Thunnissen in 1982. Mr. Thunnissen has successfully merged aircraft design with box trailers and gave birth to the Talson trailer made of aluminum and self-supporting upper structure delivering lower weight and internal heights, the best box ever conceived.

One of the first developers of roller tracks for air cargo and the inventor of Talfix® multi-functional load carrying system, Talson, keeps delivering innovative, sustainable, reliable trailers assuring the high quality and functionality that is standard for loyal Talson customers for 40 years.

With 40 years of experience Talson, mastered the needs of all box trailers segment with its product range including air cargo, multi-functional boxes for general cargo, intermodal solutions, FNA line, as well as inner-city logistic boxes a perfect fit for the narrow city roads.

Since the day it was founded, Talson has always been a proud pioneer with its high-quality, state-of-the-art trailers, and on its 40th anniversary, Talson not only focuses on the operational quality it provides to its customers but highlights its vehicles’ contribution to the environment.

As the world aligns with regulations that aim to protect our future, Talson proudly contributes to achieving this target as the only box manufacturer in Europe to manufacture its vehicles primarily out of Aluminium.

Made of aluminum Talson vehicles have a longer product life. Talson customers on average use their Talson Aluminum vehicles for 15 years, 25% more product life than conventional vehicles. While Talson Aluminum Box vehicles contribute to its customers’ strong Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), they also prevent material waste in association with fleet renewal needs. In addition, Talson vehicles offer modular aluminum side walls made of separate riveted panels that allow less costly and faster repair but also minimize material waste.

Talson’s multi-functional Talfix system with more than 10.000 holes on side panels, as well as a wide range of loading options enables its customers to use their trailer capacity more efficiently resulting in less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

Today Talson celebrates its 40 year-journey full of success shared with its customers from across Europe that are accustomed to the reliable Talson trailers that support the quality of their operations.
Bettering the best box ever conceived Talson will keep working for all its stakeholders.