04.06.2019Talson’s 7.45 Aluminum Swap Body for Most Environmentally-Friendly Intermodal Transportation, T.SWAU BK

One of the leading box manufacturers and Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer Talson introduced its upgraded 7.45 Swap Body for environmentally-friendly intermodal transportation to the industry during Transport Logistic 2019 fair.

First produced between the early 1990s to 2000s, Talson’s 7.45 Aluminum Swap Bodies are upgraded to meet the current needs of the logistics industry with their quality, lightweight, robustness and long lifetime, contributing to the EU sustainability targets with its unique features.

 Most Environmentally-Friendly Light Swap Body from Talson

Talson’s T.SWAU BK makes a difference with its weight that is on average 750 kg lighter than other products on the market. With this unique feature, 7.45 Swap Body allows greater load capacity, improves operational costs and enables fuel saving, contributing to CO2 reduction and proudly helps the industry to meet the EU sustainability targets.

Made of aluminum, an everlasting infinitely recyclable most corrosion resistant raw material, T.SWAU BK guarantees a longer lifetime while its modular design guarantees less waste during repair and maintenance eliminating the need for sourcing primary production raw materials and helps to protect the world’s resources.

Excellent Box Body of T.SWAU BK

Elegant lightweight aluminum box, Talson’s own innovation self-supporting box body construction is manufactured using a special aluminum sandwich design.

Modular Aluminum side panels made of 6 separate plates are riveted to aluminum omega profiles allowing cheap and fast repair when needed.

The damaged panels can easily and immediately be replaced instead of changing the entire box side providing low-cost and fast repair.

Lightweight high-quality aluminum has good UV resistance (non-yellowing) and aging resistance, easy to clean due to low dirt adhesion, a great variety of coating qualities complementing your branding needs.

Talfix Technology that Enables Carriage-Loading Models   

Talson T.SWAU BK is equipped with multi-functional, patented robust aluminum Talfix® load securing system inside panels with multiple holes to enable multiple carriage-loading models in one box. A component of patented Talfix load securing system, the double deck bar with 1 daN capacity each allows creating a second tier inside the vehicle for maximum carrying capacity. Talfix® is suitable for double-deck applications enabling multi-level loading with 700 kg capacity per 1 m.

Another component of patented robust aluminum Talfix load securing system inside panels, the garment bar allows garments to be hanged inside the trailer with ease. The bars also lock into place providing extra load security.

Double deck system, garment hanging, and extra load security provide multifunctional usage of the vehicle while increasing operational flexibility and return on investment.

Shutter Roller Door for Easy Loading and Unloading

Aluminum Roller Shutter door stands out with its high stability, and specially designed for quick and easy load and unloading operations.

T.SWAU BK is designed to be stacked

Talson Swap Bodies are designed to be stacked. Corner protections at the top enables moving via cranes, including 4 corner casting and 4 huckepack grips for intermodal transportation.