16.06.2022UC Logistics & Forwarding BV buys 10 Talson TAG FNA high-security Air Cargo trailers

MEGA Air Cargo trailers are 'connected' with the UC organization.

UC Logistics & Forwarding BV in Amsterdam (UCLF) has purchased ten Talson TAG FNA high-security large-volume refrigerated trailers for the transport of air freight pallets.

The new trailers can load four air freight platforms with an area of 317 x 233 cm and a height of up to three meters. The trailers are equipped with a roller conveyor that can be operated pneumatically in four sections. Pallet stoppers are also built into the floor, which ensures that the airfreight pallets are secured.

Martin Kuiper, director of UCLF, is enthusiastic about these Talsons. "With our last investment of Talson Air Cargo trailers, our trailer fleet now consists of 50% Talson vehicles. These trailers will be used in our airfreight logistics operations. Our main reason for choosing Talson is its high quality, long product life, and its specially designed features for fast loading/unloading and load security.”

The insulated special trailers with GRP side panels are also equipped with a cooling machine and a safety package. Incidentally, they can also be loaded with conventional pallets.

For perishable goods and flower transportation in the air cargo business Talson TAG FNA vehicles are integrated with roller beds to facilitate speedy loading and unloading operations.

The Talsons are mechanically and electronically secured and connected via Transics' TrailerGuard system. The UC organization receives permanent position and status information. This information can be shared with clients.

Essential for UCLF are the quality, safety, and modular construction with standard components. "These trailers have parts from, for example, ZF, Wabco, BPW, and Carrier. They can be used in logistic operations all over Europe."

Features and Technical data


  • Talson TAG FNA Mega Aircargo trailers are equipped with GRP highly isolated upper structure with galvanized extended chassis.
  • ATP/FNA certificate. EIPL Pharma certificate. The trailer is fully insulated.
  • Rigid 9-ton axles with air suspension, rim size 17.5 inches, drum brakes
  • Coupling height 950 mm, maximum pressure on the kingpin 12,000 kg
  • Loading length 13,430 mm, loading width 2495 mm, loading height 2950-3030 mm.
  • Code XL cargo certificate
  • Insulated plywood floor with resin coating, equipped with pneumatic roller conveyors in four sections: built-in pallet stoppers.
  • Carrier Vector 1550 E Low Noise cooling engine, fuel tank under the body, Data Cold 600 registration unit, 4 temperature sensors.
  • Equipped with security (mechanical and electronic).
  • Transics TrailerGuard communication system for transmitting position and status.


About Talson Trailers
Talson Trailer is the market leader in Europe in air freight boxes, and one of the leading manufacturers of box trailers. Talson supplies the industry with products in the highest quality segment: innovative, flexible closed trailers with a unique aluminum structure.
Talson's head office is located in Venlo (NL). The delivery center is located in Goch (D), in the heart of the European transport industry. There is a second production site in Ulm. Talson's largest production site is located in Adapazari.

About UC Logistics & Forwarding bv
UCLF is based in Amsterdam and specializes in the transport of high-quality goods with its own fleet of tractor-trailers. The emphasis is on quality and safety. The equipment is suitable for transporting containers, air freight pallets, and traditional load carriers and has the highest TAPA TSR safety certification. UCLF is also engaged in conditioned transport and transport with double crew.